natural fibres

vegetal FIBRES

In the early 1990’s, Peignage Dumortier continued to grow by creating  a workshop entirely dedicated to bast fibres: flax and hemp.

Based on the long fibre carding and combing processes developed by our engineers and technicians, we offer the possibility of carding and combing 100% FLAX or HEMP scutch hackled tows, as well as NETTLE fibres.

Our customised know-how is aimed at merchants, spinners in the dry flax system spinning, as well as semi wet and long fibre worsted spinning.

Our short fibre workshop (cotton cut) can also produce custom-made slivers in flax, hemp, or nettle blended with other natural or synthetic fibres for spinning clients to be spun in classic or open-end systems.

Lin fibre l Peignage DumortierLin ruban l Peignage Dumortier

Flax Fibre

Ortie Fibre l Peignage DumortierOrtie Ruban l Peignage Dumortier

Nettle Fibre from Népal

Our know-how

one-, two-, and three-component blends …:

natural, synthetic, and artificial.

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