About the company

About the company

Peignage Dumortier has been part of the industrial history of the town of Tourcoing throughout its 125 years of existence. The company has become the world references in processing textile fibres on commission basis for all spinning systems.

This expertise forms the very DNA of Peignage Dumortier.


Mr Jean-Baptiste Dumortier created Peignage Dumortier in the heart of Tourcoing, the cradle  of wool processing. For more than half a century Peignage Dumortier has devoted itself exclusively to scouring, carding and combing wool and mainly shines on the local market.


Arrival of Mr. Guy Dumortier, representative of the 4th generation in a period of change. Due to the overcapcity of wool processing, scouring is abandoned.

Peignage Dumortier is moving towards the processing of rapidly expanding synthetical fibres.

Mr. Guy Dumortier simultaneously undertakes research to adapt the industrial tool to the transformation of these new fibres and develops unique know-how.


Peignage Dumortier undertakes a commercial policy to develop an international clientele on the European, Asian, African and American continents. The transformation of technical fibres (functional, fire resistant) is also becoming a priority in the diversification of the product range.

The company is accelerating its growth with strong partnerships in the field of man-made fibres in order to guarantee end users the best performing products.


Mr. Cédric Auplat takes over Peignage Dumortier and launches investment programs to modernize the organization and optimization of production, safety and Lean management.

A new industrial and commercial impulse has been put in place to develop the processing of natural, animal and vegetable fibres.