supply chain


Peignage Dumortier’s Supply Chain department includes: transport, logistics, forecasting, production and continuous improvement. We support you every step of the way. We believe that the customer is the key to a successful cooperation.

The planning, execution, control, and steering of Supply Chain activities are the main values upheld by Peignage Dumortier.

Based on a vision of the industry and Supply Chain 4.0, the company’s objective consists in creating value by optimising logistics on a global level, synchronising supply with demand, and measuring overall performance.

The Supply Chain service offers high-performance, agile, and flexible turnkey solutions.


Global traceability

Complete traceability of the production, storage, and transport processes.

respect et engagement

Honouring commitments

Priority of orders, flexibility of production planning, and agility of the production teams for a guaranteed 100% commitment to meeting deadlines.



Information sharing and close links with our clients throughout the production chain.

conseils sur mesure

Advisory and on-demand

Solid logistics network for a distinctive, personalised, and attentive service to the client.
The Supply-Chain team advises its clients in all facets of international trade:

Transport > Logistics > Storage > Packaging > Customs clearance > International payment solutions > Digitalisation

supply chain entrepôt Peignage Dumortier
supply chain entrepôt Peignage Dumortier